One Angel Square London

The property is located within the London Borough of Islington. The property is not Listed and is not situated within a Conservation Area. It is within the boundaries of the Central Activity Zone of the London Plan for the Angel and Upper Street area, where office-led mixed use development is promoted by Islington Planning Authority.

The property is within the safeguarded limits of the Crossrail Line 2 Project.

In addition, the site is located within the Protected Vista to St Paul's Cathedral from Assessment Point 1A.2 Alexandra Palace of the London View Management Framework (2012).

Detailed planning consent was granted on 9th March 1988 for:

'Redevelopment to provide five and six storey buildings (18,970 sq m) containing offices (15,400 sq m gross), new underground station, ticket hall and escalator access to platforms, retail/financial services, public house accommodation (total 1,475 sq m), public toilets (80 sq m)'.

Revisions to this application were subsequently made on the 27th November 1991 and 10th July 1992.

An opportunity exists to increase the net internal area, subject to obtaining all relevant and necessary consents.